The Highlander Class Invites You to Come Sail With Us


If you ever thought you might be interested in sailing and becoming a member of a sailing club, we would like to invite you, your family and friends to come sail with us.




Sailing is a wonderful outdoor adventure for young and old.  It is exciting, challenging fun and inexpensive compared to some other sports.  It is a sport that brings together people of all ages and all walks of life with a common interest, and the opportunity to build lifelong friendships.


Did you know that most clubs have annual dues of under $500.00, and the annual cost of a Highlander sailboat is much less than a powerboat?


Weekend racing, regattas, potluck dinners, dances and social gatherings are just a small part of the land activities that are held around sailing events.  There are programs for the children, too.  At most clubs, your skill as a handy person is required just few days a year.  It’s the way we keep our clubs affordable and in good condition.


If we have piqued your interest and it sounds like fun, please give us a call.  We are always in need of extra crew persons.  You’ll have the opportunity to meet great folks, go sailing and hopefully join us in a fantastic sporting adventure.


If you decide that you want to learn more about sailing, training of all types is available.  Whether you are a beginner, an old salt or a youngster.  Best of all, the members of our Highlander fleet want to help you in getting started.


The Highlander


Safe, fast and stable, the Highlander excels in day sailing and racing.


A Great Sailboat To Learn On


If you are new to sailing, the Highlander’s performance characteristics will allow you to quickly acquire sound sailing skills.  The Highlander handles like a dream.  Quick to pick up speed, your Highlander will respond smoothly and predictably to changes in tiller position and sail trim.  As a beginner you will appreciate it’s ability in light air conditions.


Due to the design of the hull and it’s center of buoyancy when heeled over, the Highlander is very difficult to capsize even in the most extreme conditions.


A Great Day Sailor

For day sailing the Highlander’s 20’ length provides an enormous cockpit (11’ x 5’).  There is plenty of room to store coolers and other gear, and still leave room to stretch out and enjoy your sail.  Best of all, the Highlander can be sailed by only two people.


Very Comfortable


The Highlander is a big boat where it counts most…Inside!!  The cockpit has to 9’ seats on each side.  Sitting in the cockpit you’ll feel safe and secure because the seats are at chair height and the deck coaming forms a comfortable backrest.  There is 42” between the seats, so you won’t be banging knees with the person on the other side.  You’ll be impressed with the Highlander’s stability and comfort as soon as you step aboard.


Very Fast

The Highlander has consistently proven itself to be one of the fastest one-design centerboard sailboats.  If you want to own one of the fastest boast on the lake (and who doesn’t, really?) the Highlander won’t disappoint you.  Without sacrificing safety, the Highlander was designed for the speed, performance and comfort experienced sailors look for.




As a racer, the Highlander has the flexibility to grow with your racing skills.  As your skills advance, you won’t outgrow the performance characteristics of the boat.  Many top racers learned their techniques sailing Highlanders.  This stable centerboarder turns into an exciting, high performance planning dingy on the racecourse.  Raced by families, novices and experts, many levels of skill can be found at competition for everyone.


The Highlander Class International Association


This organization (HCIA) brings together sailors who own Highlanders, from sailing clubs around the country.  The organization runs a full traveling regatta schedule and organizes a yearly National Championship racing series to determine the best sailor in the class.  This race is open to all beginning and advanced Highlander sailors.  If you are new at sailing you will be racing against other new sailors.  If you are advanced you will sail against some great competition!!


The HCIA also sponsors “How to Sail/Race” seminars and publishes a quarterly magazine, filled with articles on sailing, Class events, racing concepts and interesting stories.




The Highlander has absolute control over the boat’s one-design characteristics and the quality of its construction.  Builders must adhere to strict standards of quality.


The Highlander is ruggedly built to take lots of punishment from the family and weather.  When you become a Highlander owner, and a member of the HCIA, you have a voice in insuring that your investment in quality will be secure for many years to come.


The Builder


The Allen Boat Company is under contract to build the Highlander Class sailboat.  Allen Boat Company is a leader in building high quality, one-design sail craft, using the latest technology and applying many years of building and sailing experience. Tom Allen Jr., is a naval architect. Leads a team of craftsmen who build into each Highlander the highest quality and reliability.


Allen Boat Company

655 Fuhrman Blvd.

Buffalo NY 14203

(716) 842-0800




A Highlander weighs only 835 pounds and trails easily.  A heavy vehicle or powerful engine simply is not needed!  When you get to your favorite sailing area, you and a youngster can easily rig and launch your Highlander in minutes.  It’s a boat that allows you to spend lots of time on the water.


A Good Investment


Because the basic design of the Highlander never changes, owners experience a higher resale value for their boats when selling or trading.  Almost all of the Highlanders ever built are still sailing and being raced competitively.  This is a great testimonial to the value inherent in the Highlander.  Reliable service and easily accessible replacement parts are two more reasons a Highlander retains a high market value.


This invitation is brought to you courtesy of your local sailing club and the National Highlander fleet.  Highlanders are sailing on many lakes throughout our nation.  We think we have the best and most comfortable sailboat you could buy.  Information on our boat can be found on our website: http://www.sailhighlander.org/.  We hope that after you have spent time sailing with us, you will choose a Highlander.